Submitting your artwork is considered User Generated Content within our Terms of Service, which states that you are giving us a license to use this artwork (section 2A).  However, you will always retain ownership of your artwork and character(s).

Why Imaginables needs this license

Here's a simple example: To operate and promote our business, we need to be able to use the creations along with your submitted artwork or photo for our marketing purposes (e.g., posting our before-and-after collages on Facebook, Instagram, and our website). We may also create a handful of replicas for sample purposes (e.g., somebody from the news wants to receive a Budsies sample before they write about us). Simply put: we can't convey the awesomeness of our services without showing off our work.

Don't worry: We will never claim ownership of your artwork or characters and we will not market your characters as our own.

Does Imaginables make exceptions?  Will Imaginables sign our NDA?

It's impossible for us to void our license specifically for a particular design simply because it would be too difficult for us to track and enforce a different set of rights for your design.  For example, one of our future employees may accidentally post your Imaginables plushie on our Facebook page in 3 years and thus expose us to liability.